Comment personnaliser un porte-clés en sublimation ?

How to personalize a sublimation key ring?

Personalizing a keyring using sublimation is an effective method for applying colorful, durable designs to a variety of materials, often faux leather , plastic , or plastic-coated wood specially treated for sublimation. Here is a step-by-step guide to enhancing a key ring:

Necessary material

  • Sublimable Keychain : Choose a keychain with a sublimation-compatible surface, usually coated in polyester or similar material.
  • Sublimation printer: Use a printer configured with sublimation inks .
  • Sublimation paper : A special paper for transferring ink under high temperature.
  • Heat press : A flat heat press, suitable for the size of key rings.
  • Graphic design: The image or text you want to apply to the keyring, prepared via graphics software ( Canva , Photoshop , Illustrator , etc.).

Steps to follow to enhance a key ring

Design preparation

1. Create or select the design: Select a high-quality image. Be sure to adjust the size of the design to fit the printable area of ​​the keychain. All keyrings are different, we recommend that you measure them and add a margin of at least 2mm on each side to be sure that the design is printed on the entire keyring.

Printing and cutting

2. Print the design: Print the design on the sublimation paper with the sublimation printer. Remember to print in mirror mode.

3. Cut the paper: For greater convenience, you can cut the paper to make the key ring easier to handle.

Design transfer

4. Prepare the heat press: Preheat the heat press to the recommended temperature, usually between 180 and 200°C. In our workshop, we heat the visuals for 70 seconds at 190°C.

5. Position the design: Place the sublimation paper printed side toward the keyring. Use heat tape to secure the paper to prevent shifting when pressing. Don't forget to remove the plastic film from your key ring.

6. Sublimate: Put the keychain with the paper into the heat press and apply heat for the recommended time, often between 30 and 90 seconds. We recommend that you heat your key rings for 70 seconds at 190°C.


7. Remove Paper: Once the time is up, remove the key ring from the press and immediately remove the sublimation paper.

8. Let cool: Allow the keychain to cool completely. The design should now be permanently transferred to the keyring .

9. You can now assemble the ring and the keychain using a plastic clip.

Tips for successful sublimation

  • Clean sublimation surface: Make sure the surface of the keychain is clean and free of dust or residue before sublimating.
  • Preliminary Testing: If this is your first attempt at keychain sublimation, consider doing a few tests to adjust the time and temperature settings.
  • Press protection: You can use Teflon protection sheets in the heat press to prevent ink from transferring to the press. We recommend using parchment paper because it protects your equipment just as well and is much more affordable!

These steps should help you create personalized and attractive key chains using sublimation, perfect for gifts, souvenirs or promotional products.

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